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Meet Dr. Robert Neposlan

Dr. Robert Neposlan

Dr. Robert Neposlan

A Video That Changed Everything

Possessing a Master of Business Administration, Dr. Rob thought he was set for life with a position as a financial analyst at Ford Motor Company. Though he didn’t feel fulfilled in his career, he wasn’t sure what more to look for. He was 29 and soon to be married when the idea of becoming a chiropractor first entered his life.

This  idea would transform his future.

On a sunny afternoon in May 1991, Dr. Rob’s father-in-law invited him to sit down and watch an orientation video for Logan University, where Dr. Rob’s brother-in-law was attending. “As I watched the video, I thought to myself, what an incredible opportunity to make a difference, serve a purpose in life and have a great impact on people!”

He’d had a positive experience seeing a chiropractor before, but never really thought about it as a career path… not until he saw the video. He knew then it was time to change his life’s path.

A New Way of Life

“I’m sure there were a lot of folks who thought I was crazy. But chiropractic provided exactly what I was looking for — to feel like I was making a difference.” Following his heart, Dr. Rob decided to attend Logan as his brother-in-law had.

It was everything I’d hoped for and was looking for. Chiropractic college gave me the opportunity to fulfill my life’s purpose.”

After graduation, Dr. Rob, his wife, and their two young daughters moved to Amherstburg, where his wife grew up and just 30 minutes down the road where Dr. Rob was from in Windsor, Ontario.

A Commitment to Excellent Patient Care

Dr. Rob often travels to take courses and attend seminars on a variety of health topics, making sure his patients receive the best available care. He’s trained extensively in instrument-based adjusting. Through the years he has also studied spinal decompression, allergy elimination, and numerous other techniques/courses all with the goal of better serving his patients. Dr. Rob is also a tremendous advocate for spreading health and wellness news through his own HEALTH NEWS YOU CAN USE articles based around the “Four Pillars of Health: Move Well, Eat Well, Live Well, and Think Well.”  These articles are periodically shared on Our Blog and the Family Chiropractic Wellness Centre’s Facebook page.

A Part of the Amherstburg Community

Outside of the practice, Dr. Rob enjoys following all local major sports teams (Red Wings, Lions, Tigers and Pistons and Spartans). He enjoys the occasional golf game while sponsoring various local tournaments. He also supports local youth sports teams either through sponsorship or coaching. During the winter months he participates in an old timer hockey league… a life long passion of his.

His daughters, Alicia and Jordan, were born in St. Louis, Missouri and have both completed their Master of Business Administration at the University of Windsor. Dr. Rob’s wife, Sandra, also teaches business courses at the University. His son, Jack, often joins Dr. Rob on the couch rooting for their favorite teams.  He attends Villanova High School where he plays for the school football team.

Dr. Rob also enjoys spending time in the yard, reading and studying old/new things related to his work.

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