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Re-introducing the Four Pillars of Health


Written by: Dr. Robert Neposlan

I’d like to begin by re-introducing you to the first HEALTH NEWS YOU CAN USE article I have ever written.

As many of you already know, I have been practicing Chiropractic, Allergy Wellness, and alternative-based healing techniques for approximately 22 years. During this time, I have had the privilege of learning from some incredibly gifted Doctors and teachers. It is my intention to share with you some of the current health and wellness information that I read study or have come across in my “world.” Hopefully you’ll get something out of each article in the next upcoming months that at that moment, or in time, will inspire you to changes leading to a healthier and happier life. This is my goal for you. And so, here we go…

I want to begin this issue with some BAD news GOOD news…


“Why do I have these allergies Dr. Rob? Why does my back keep going out? Why do I have these headaches? Why am I constantly fighting one illness after another? Why do I get sick? Why do we have illness and disease? ” These are just several questions that I hear on a regular basis in my practice.

I recently came across some interesting and startling health facts. I want to share them with you and ask you why… Why do you think…

One million people every year die from cardiovascular disease, 165,000 from stroke and 700,000 from cancer, 160,000 from diabetes, 200,000 from digestive tract illnesses, 170,000 from obesity complications, 300,000 from osteoporosis, 200,000 from adverse reactions to drugs and on average 24,000 deaths to eating disorders.

Let me ask you… Why do you think…

Seventy million Americans are living with high blood pressure, 6 million with pacemakers, 5 million suffer from Alzheimer’s, 65 million with allergies (6 million are children), 8 million people are infertile, 50 million are on antacids, every 3 minutes a man contracts prostate cancer, every 2.9 minutes a women contracts breast cancer, every 4.8 minutes a woman contracts colon cancer, 1 of every 7 women alive will have a breast removed, 44 million suffer from arthritis, 1 in 10 children born is physically or mentally handicapped, 1in 300 are autistic, 2 of 7 pregnancies are lost in miscarriages, etc.

Let me ask you another question… Do you think we need more drugs, surgeries or just new ones? Consider this, according to the health research firm Quintile IMS, the number of prescriptions filled for American adults and children rose 85% between 1997 and 2016, from 2.4 billion to 4.5 billion a year. Do you have any idea how much all those drugs cost? How many billions of dollars are generated in the pharmaceutical industry? Do we need to be taking more drugs or just new ones?

My point in sharing this information with you here is to show that our current paradigm of health and wellness is clearly not working. There is more money spent today on health care than ever before and yet more people are sick and dying than ever before. Think about health care logically for a moment. Is it really health care? Do we live in a model of wellness care or sickness/crisis care?


The good news is that these illnesses, and all illness for that matter, are a product of lifestyle choices that we make each day. We are quite literally a product of the way we live, eat, move and think. Over time, I hope to share with you research and helpful information to show that we DO have control over our destiny in terms of health. Disease is not some random chance event that just happens to overcome us. Although some of us may have genetic predispositions which are consistent with certain disease processes, the presence of these genes in and of themselves are NOT responsible for disease. The human genome has not changed in thousands of years. And yet we have new diseases and illnesses being discovered every day. And so it must be something else. That something else is the ENVIRONMENT. More specifically within our environment it’s either toxicities and/or deficiencies in the way we live, eat, move and think that contributes to all disease.

The articles, which will follow in the coming months, will address this idea of toxicity and or deficiency. Each month the article will fall with in one of 4 themes. I call these the 4 Pillars of Health… Living Well, Eating Well, Moving Well and Thinking Well.

Four Pillars of Health - Completed

By addressing the idea of toxicity and/or deficiency in these important areas, hopefully you will be inspired to make smarter choices – choices that will lead to improved quality and quantity of life.

Until next month, be well!!!

Dr. Rob

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