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Dr. Rob’s #LiveWell Photo Contest Details

Building off of the Four Pillars of Health, Dr. Rob would like to challenge YOU to #LiveWell.

From now until January 31, 2020, we are encouraging patients to post a photo of them Moving Well, Eating Well, Living Well or Thinking Well to the Family Chiropractic Wellness Centre or Allergy Wellness Centre Facebook page.

At the Family Chiropractic Wellness Centre and Allergy Wellness Centre, we too will be taking part in this challenge!

We will be awarding one lucky patient who wins the contest with a prize basket worth over $1000!

Follow us on Facebook (@amherstburgchiropractic OR @TheAllergyWellnessCentre) to stay updated on more special prize announcements from local businesses in the community who will be supporting this challenge!

Are you ready to #LiveWell? Read the details below!

Prize Basket:

  • 1 Regular Chiroflow Pillow
  • Gift Certificate for a 20-minute LED Teeth Whitening Treatment at Embrace Dental Hygiene
  • Gift Certificate for a 2-week Unlimited Yoga Class Pass at Yin Mind and Body
  • Gift Certificate for a 30-minute Massage at Yin Mind and Body
  • Gift Certificate for Reiki Experience at Aromanda
  • Gift Certificate for Aromatherapy at Aromanda
  • 1 Box of 6 Regular-Sized Doterra Essential Oils and 4 Doterra Nepal Dryer Balls from Aromanda
  • Switch the Six Collection (6 Nutritious Food Products) from Epicure Consultant, Claudia Castellan
  • 1 50g Traumacare
  • 1 Naka Pro Greens
  • 1 Naka NutriFlex Supreme
  • 1 Naka Nutri Probiotic
  • 1 Cod Liver Oil
  • 1 Silicea Colloidal Gel
  • 1 Antigua Women’s Golf Windbreaker
  • 1 Family Chiropractic Wellness Centre Sweater Vest
  • 1 Family Chiropractic Wellness Centre Golf Shirt
  • Gift Certificate for 1 Initial Chiropractic Visit from the Family Chiropractic Wellness Centre (a $75 value!)

Four Pillars of Health and How they Apply to Our Contest:

  • Eating Well: Research has shown that, genetically, we are programmed to eat healthy organic meats, fruits, vegetables and things grown in nature. In our culture, we eat far too much sugar and processed foods. As a part of our contest, we want to inspire you to eat a more organic, “paleo” style diet. We encourage you to take a picture, share a recipe and just overall share your examples of “Eating Well.”
  • Moving Well: Moving well can take many forms. Examples may range from, walking stairs at work to parking at the far end of the lot. Certainly, more obvious forms of exercise include things like yoga, walking, running, swimming and/or gym workouts. Early man/woman spent a great deal of daily life moving, running (hunting) and foraging. Modern man spends too much time exercising his thumb and forefinger on the TV remote or, my favorite, on a twist-off top of a cold one. As part of our Move Well pillar, we encourage you to share an example where you (your family) are “Moving Well.”
  • Thinking Well: It’s no mystery today that there is a connection between our thoughts and our health. There are many choices one has to improve their mental state of mind. Some examples include, meditation, journaling, going to church, reading an inspiring book, watching a positive TV show/movie, having a spa day, or spending time with someone you love. If you have a go-to “Thinking Well” activity, please share it.
  • Living Well: Living well can take many forms. Here, we can really use our imagination. What is it that you do that makes you live well? Some examples might include, getting regular massages, seeing your chiropractor, getting to bed at a reasonable time, volunteering your time, coaching in your community, helping someone, and/or doing anything to make your life and this world BETTER.

Dr. Rob’s #LiveWell Photo Contest Instructions

  1. Take a photo of you Moving Well, Eating Well, Living Well or Thinking Well
  2. Log into Facebook
  3. Search for Family Chiropractic Wellness Centre OR Allergy Wellness Centre in the search bar
  4. Select the page with our address (285 Sandwich St. South, Amherstburg, ON.)
  5. Navigate to the “Posts” tab
  6. Near the “Write a Post” tab, click “Share Photo” (on mobile) or “Photo/Video” (on desktop)
  7. Upload your photo
  8. Include a caption describing how you are living well. Feel free to use one of our hashtags #MoveWell #EatWell #LiveWell #ThinkWell
  9. For each photo you post, you will earn ONE ballot into the draw for the prize basket

Contest | (519) 736-5353