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The Bio-Kinetics Procedures

Bio-Kinetics unique and patented approach stresses areas of past and current physical, chemical, emotional trauma which creates aberrant energy frequencies (muscle weakness and leg and arm length differential), then using the small hand-held New-Stim instrument, mechanically stimulates specific neuro-receptor pathways triggering a nerve response into the brain that interrupts the abnormal patterns and normalizes the frequencies within the brain.

Bio-Kinetics utilizes very specific contact points in the atlanto-occipital area as its primary window into the nervous system because the distribution of neuro-receptors is the highest in this region, allowing for precise brain activation.

“Small muscles close to the cervical vertebrae may have up to 500 muscle spindles/gm (muscle stretch receptors), a density almost 100 times as great as some muscles of locomotion and 5 times greater than the large dorsal neck muscles which are regarded as spindle rich.” (Neck Muscle Proprioception and Motor Control.) V.C. Abrahams, 1982.

Stimulating the Bio-Kinetics contact point with the New-Stim instrument can be somewhat likened to using a defibrillator to normalize an irregular heart beat. It normalizes the frequencies in the brain as demonstrated by E.E.G. readings as well as blind spot tests.

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